Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet is an MMO from Runewaker Entertainment, the makers of Runes of Magic.


Dragon's Prophet is a free-to-play MMORPG with action-based combat and tameable dragons. There is one race (Human, both genders) and four classes (Guardian, Ranger, Oracle, Sorcerer) available for players to choose from. Dragons are featured prominently in the game and, once tamed, they function as a mount for the player to use. Dragons come in many different forms and have different capabilities. Although a tamed dragon can fight alongside the player, they can only train and improve their dragons outside of combat. The other dominant feature is a more action-oriented combat system that has combos and manual dodging.

The game features real-money microtransactions purchasable using Sony Online Entertainment's Station Cash. These purchases range from clothing sets or increased inventory space to timed experience boosters or item enhancement.

The game is available on PC from the official site as well as Steam.