Roller Angels

Roller Angels is an action platformer published by Agetec, Inc. for DSiWare.


In Roller Angels, The town of Blissburg is being invaded by an alien race known as the Monodrones who are stealing all of the town's color. The Roller Angels are tasked with returning color to the town and defeating the Monodrones.

A majority of the gameplay is spent skating, jumping, grinding rails, wall riding across billboards, spray painting different objects to return their color, collecting coins, and avoiding enemies. Unlike other some games with an environmental coloring mechanic, only specific items within the game world need to be found and colored rather than the entirety of the environment.

The game features a cutesy Japanese art style and includes DSi and 3DS camera capability allowing players to use their own pictures as artwork able to be spray-painted inside the game environments.

Roller Angels was originally released at the price of 500 DSiWare points.

Playable Characters

Character choice plays an important role in the game as each area is comprised of different challenges which can be reasonably completed by any character, but also can be completed considerably better with one character in particular.

  • Angel Patty: Increased jump height
  • Angel Mee: Increased speed
  • Angel Becky: Increased strength